Headhunter, Inc.

(Booth MLL-52)

Headhunter, Inc.
3380 SW 11th Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315
Phone: 954 581 6996
Fax: 954 587 0403
Contact: Mark Mellinger, President
Email: markm@headhunterinc.com
Website: www.headhunterinc.com

Founded in the early ’80s to provide dockside services to the yachting community, Headhunter now manufactures and installs water pressure systems, toilets, marine sanitation devices, sewage treatment plants, and ballast water management systems. All manufacturing is undertaken under an ISO-approved quality management system. Customers include yacht builders and owners, domestic and foreign navies, mini-cruise, research, supply vessels, drillships, and fixed platforms. For more information visit us at www.headhunterinc.com